25 February, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Indian World!!!

Celebrating 365 days of pure Indian-ness...

Today The Indian World blog turns a year older! 

I must say, over this 1 year, my writing style has evidently changed and evolved through this blog. I remember the time when I first started this blog. It was the night of 25th February, 2009. I had just read about blogging, and I wished to have my own blog. But the problem was, I had nothing to blog about...

A couple of days ago, I had presented an elocution in school for my oral examinations about India. The audience, including the teacher had really loved the content of my speech. So, I thought of editing it a bit and posting it on my blog. Now, it has been converted to an amazing post called India Revisited. After this first post, I also realized that blogs should have some kind of a focus in their content. So, I started writing about India, current happenings, my personal opinions and stuff. Thus began my journey into the beautiful arena of the blogosphere...

Now, as I write this post, it's a wonderful feeling for me. Having completed 1 entire year in blogging is like a special achievement in my life. As I mentioned earlier, I started this blog with a simple elocution. And now, it has grown to a really big place. I've also made some really wonderful friends here. Here are some statistics I'll always remember till I continue blogging:

First ever comment: The statistics can be staggering for outsiders, but people like us know the reality. As for the last part, it was true earlier, its slowly and dangerously getting eroded under western influence. Respect for elders in only in TV soaps not in real life. Hope more people read this and get a reality check on their life. Great writing hindustani! by J K on India Revisited.

First ever e-mail subscriber: Nandini Shankar on 5th April, 2009. I remember having insisted Nandini to become an e-mail subscriber. I hope she doesn't regret doing so now!

First ever Follower: Jasmine from England after reading the post 'An Incident To Remember'.

First ever friend made through blogging: Sanket Korgaonkar from Utah, United States Of America

And, last and the best, First ever encouragement providers: My lovely parents!

In those earlier times, I still remember, I used to first write a rough draft of my post on paper, then type the same on MS-Word to search for spelling & grammatical errors. And then finally, I used to copy the entire content to Blogger with formatting, of course. That was my long and tedious way of crafting blog posts. Now, I just write so spontaneously. I open the Blogger page, type in some content, add a few pictures & links, dash in my personal views and hit 'Publish'!

A dedicated reader of my blog would have surely observed that time constraints have actually shortened my posts over time.

At this moment of celebrating a year of blogging, I've also gifted my blog a whole new look! Some tweaks, here and there, need to done though. But I feel The Indian World is much more sensible and matured now.

Now, here are some beautiful posts that I'm proud of being called the author:
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  3. Our (Namesake) National Pledge...
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  10. My Name Is India

I am really glad at the moment, to enjoy a year of sincerity and committment to my blog. I have really had a wonderful learning experience here. I also look forward to blog better, better and better in the future. In fact, I also have dreams of making it really big in the blogosphere. And I hope I will!

In this entire year of blogging, I've had my share of highs and lows. Blogging - just like life - is not a bed of roses, I must admit. But it is just people's love and encouragement that has kept me going...

Thank You so much, India and the World!