08 July, 2009

Let the pictures do the talking…

Hello friends,
Today, I would like to show some of my favourite snaps defining India to the fullest...
I don’t know how this photo turned out so brilliantly. But I must mention that it sends out a very subtle message to all of us…
It says: India is a beautiful land studded with tons of hill stations. Let those hill stations remain divine and virgin places. Let them be sparkled and highlighted with rich culture, modest people and serene beauty.
Here’s another one captured at Chandigarh:
I just love this photograph! I am the one in this photo and this one was clicked by my Dad.
This picture speaks: Oh, my dear fellow, let there be light everywhere…Let wisdom and knowledge shine upon every individual on this planet…and let there be happiness and prosperity for ever!
This one was again taken in Shimla:
This impressive facade is actually known as the ‘Indian Institute of Advanced Studies’. Here, faculty members and students do a lot of research in Humanities.
Now, this photo says: Hello Indians, wake up! Let us all vow to preserve our heritage structures since they are also a part of our national wealth. Let us all not ignore them…since as the adage goes, ‘Old is Gold’.

My dear friends…what do you think about these photographs? Do you feel every picture has a story to tell…?