07 April, 2009

The Era Of Young Politicians

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam once said,” If India is to become developed by 2020, it will do so only by riding on the shoulders of the young”. The youth are the future of India. They can divide India or place India at a position which even USA may envy.

India is incomplete without politics. But at the moment, politics is the one surrounded by vitriolic criticism. No wonder most of the Indians believe that politics is a game for the astute, by the astute and of the astute. We perceive politicians by their dwellings in ‘Lazy Leisures’ and fallacious promises. I think politicians descend on Earth only for greed, money and power. They turn away from social dilemmas with their most famous cliché – Some problems have no solutions. I strongly feel that whenever there’s no solution to a problem, then the problem cannot be called a problem. If politicians spend even a fraction of their energy required for aggressive campaigning for the welfare of the nation, then we can surely expect miracles! However, politics has had such a bad influence on people that my mom threatened to ostracize me when I thought of entering the politician’s game!

Contrary to usual political views, there are some conscious souls in the country who wish to make a difference. But is this always-desired difference a plausibility? It is quite a difficult process, but not entirely out of the question. There is an urgent need of a change in the governance and administration of our country. I think young political leaders are the ones who can bring about a change. I have high hopes pinned on them because they can lend a hand for a positive change in the current political system. I feel they are no way a means to lure young voters. Nevertheless, it is better to place young political leaders in the domain of optimism, than decorate them with the thorns of negativity and criticism. India certainly requires young blood to generate a productive change to modify the system into a people-friendly one. I believe the common, middle-class man can relate better with the young leader than the elderly politician whose days can end anytime! In this process, young politicians must be humble, kind and helpful to the masses. And if humility is not the virtue of the young leader, then I feel the future of India is definitely bleak.

Today, the politician in India is not known by the number of promises he fulfills, but by the number of criminal cases filed against him. They are famous for their gigantic assurances and miniature actions. In this background, the youth can stand up and make India an India which the World has never seen before. So, I assert," It’s all up to the youth!