23 February, 2010

The Curious Case of MNIK

Some say it's a superhit movie, while others criticize it for its stupidity. Some say it's beautiful, while others find it completely meaningless... Why such a vast difference of opinion? Come let's discover the Curious Case of My Name Is Khan...

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 Basically, 2 distinct groups have been formed regarding this movie's review.

The first group highly appreciates and acclaims this work of cinema. In fact, these are the guys who have rated MNIK even higher than the likes of 3 Idiots. You can check out the reviews which have showered appreciation to the film here, here and here.  This particular group is also of the opinion that this film has many messages to offer, many teachings to share coupled with some compassion for humanity.

The other group heavily criticizes this film for its nonsense script and rubbish sequences. They feel that this film does not deserve the publicity and the exposure it is getting. All I can infer is, this group did not enjoy the film at all!

Forget the groups for a moment now... And think about the vast differences in opinions and viewpoints regarding this issue. 

I can provide only one sufficient answer to this...

It all depends on our perspective and nature. Both the oppposing viewpoints are right in their own ways. The factor of our personality traits also comes into picture. A logical and practical person may not have enjoyed this film which he deems as 'utterly illogical and meaningless'. 

This is does not, at all, imply that, those who enjoyed and loved this film are a bunch of illogical and impractical people. It is not so. Those who enjoyed this film, enjoyed it with their emotions and feelings. 

This film, just like Om Shanti Om, should be taken in with a pinch of salt. There is no place for logic and reasoning here. Entertainment in Bollywood succeeds by pressing the buttons of emotion and drama. On a personal front, I thoroughly enjoyed MNIK because I had kept my brains at home for this one! 

What do you guys think about this film? Do you feel that every film review is just a matter of our perspective and judgement or do feel what critics preach is gospel truth? I would love to hear your views on this...