28 June, 2010

Print Media v/s Electronic Media: End of Prints?

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View. Counter View. Print media v/s electronic media: is it end of prints?

Media, right from the days of its inception, has been a powerful medium of communication. When it was a toddler, it existed in the form of manuscripts and then came, books and newspapers. With time, the media blended with technology to create interactive channels like the Internet, television and the mobile.

Comparing print media with its electronic counterpart is like debating between chocolates and ice-creams. Let’s see how…

Simply put, print media consists of everything printed. We have newspapers and magazines and booklets and so much more. Right from that retired teacher to the sales executive, and right from that typical housewife to the MBA aspirant, newspapers have been an all-time favourite. We find magazine subscribers in every nook and corner of train compartments, airport lounges and waiting rooms.

New and new newspaper editions are coming up. Editorials come packaged with incredible topics that actually click and connect.  City headlines provide food for thought for every gossiping housewife. Sports sections attract and inspire budding young enthusiasts… And the entire edition gives out the perfect infotainment to every reader!

Now, let’s talk about the modern and the state-of-the-art electronic media…

According to a 2008 World Bank report, there are more than 51 million Internet users in India. Almost every household, urban or rural, boasts of a television set. Mobile Internet is on a crazy rise as technology witnesses developments almost every other day….

Now that social networking has become viral, news reporters are flocking to sites like Twitter and Facebook for the daily dose of gossip and updates. Internet penetration, especially in India has brought with it, an immense dependence on technology and the like. The Internet, as a whole, has become a treasure chest for every information-seeker on the Planet.

Electronic and digital stuff has revolutionized the mainstream media with its incredible super-fast information delivery systems and real-time updates of happenings in and around. So, does this really mean the end of prints…?

Not really.

Books are a man’s best friends. Same is with print media. You can live a day without the Internet, but being devoid of newspapers and magazines is simply unimaginable. The utter simplicity of staying updated with prints is incomparable and one of its kind. Although mobile Internet has brought the world at our fingertips, our fingers actually crave for that crispy paper designed with ink on it. Unlike those ‘Breaking News’ phenomenon in news channels, our publications tend to be simpler and smarter with to-the-point headlines and updates.

However, with computers at every household and workplace, we are too lazy to search for specific reports in newspapers. We would rather google it up and get our job done fast! It is a known fact that technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable, though caution needs to be exercised. The more we tend to rely on technology, the more we are prone to being at loss. Be it for any matter, too much dependence is obviously a no-no.

Whatever developments go through electronic media, print media is here to stay and rule, as it has done for centuries together. Newspaper publications won’t shut even if that street pauper starts owning a Twitter account…

Now, coming back to chocolates and ice-creams, you know, deep inside, we really can’t live forever without either…!

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