12 July, 2010

An imaginary trip into Hitler's psyche

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30 April 2045

“Good morning students! It is a special day today...”, the black huge screen started as we all settled in our seats in the AMR room of our college. 

We were a nation of happy and cheerful people. Our exceptional leaders had carved out a superpower country from India. Being No.1 in the world, we had the best education system in place. Schools and colleges boasted of digital presence, with incredible technology guiding our way throughout. Our nation came to be known as one of ‘dreamers and achievers’!

St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, the country's financial capital, was always the first one to try out these state-of-the-art digital facilities. The best feature of these amazing systems in place was that, they could recreate the minds of eminent personalities in their specially designed rooms. These rooms were fitted with advanced motion sensors & brilliant sounds and lights. The Advanced Multi-Media Room (AMR) was one of the best places for digital and mind-blowing presentations. 

Students loved this way, and professors found yet another innovative way to teach. Among recreating personalities, Mahatma Gandhi was the favourite. And now, for the first time ever, Adolf Hitler was being revisited here...

The screen gently lit up and the narration continued. 

Adolf Hitler - the name has itself become synonymous with cruelty and brutality. We tend to label strict and hard people as ‘Hitler’ as a mere generalisation, ignoring the other facets of Hitler’s personality. To get into his psyche, we actually have Hitler’s brain with us here. After his death, it was cryogenically preserved and his brain mapping was done after careful research using advanced equipments. Here are the reviewed inferences...

They say, the greatest minds are capable of the greatest vices as well as of the greatest virtues. Hitler has rightly proven that, by being the former.

Let us start from his childhood. Hitler was born in the year 1889 and just when he was 11, he faced his first shock. His younger brother, whom he was very attached to, died of measles, and he lost all his confidence and strength, which made him totally dull and numb.

The scintillating lights in the room created a rare and morose picture of Hitler....

It is a well-known fact that experiences of any kind adversely affect a person for life. Young Hitler was a disturbed person. His father, being very strict and dominating, used to constantly thrash him. Conflicts arose, and Hitler became more and more rebellious. His school experience was again bitter, with Hitler having unpleasant encounters with his teachers. He was finally thrown out of high school due to misconduct and indiscipline. His father, an Austrian customs official, wanted Hitler to follow in his footsteps but he was least interested. He was never encouraged to do what he really wanted to. That is, being a painter. (Just imagine an Adolf Hitler engaging his entire life in painting!) 

A struggling and tumultuous youth further affected his state of mind. He shifted his priorities to become an architect, without any success. Till the age of 24, only one word could describe his life - MISERABLE! In spite of all these personal obstacles, he was a very strong-willed person. He had high regard for his country and his patriotic sense was one of its kind. 

Soft Indian national music chimed in and echoed through the entire room, uplifting everyone...

Soon, the commencement of World War I in 1914 changed him forever. He realized how other European nations were treating his German land with disgrace and disgust. This is what ignited him. Also, after the war, Germany was asked to sign a very humiliating Treaty of Versailles and was indirectly insulted by other nations. Adolf Hitler extremely loathed those Jewish leaders who had approved of this treaty, and who had also failed to defend Germany in times of crisis.

Over the times, Hitler’s rebellious nature converted into aggression and fierce action. WWI woke him up to the grim realities faced by his nation, he was deeply saddened, frustrated and revengeful. His anger guided him to enter into the political setup of Germany, as that was the only way in and out. Hitler was a very expressive person. His outstanding oratory skills connected with the local people and their emotions, and thus, he won majority seats for his party. Well, as he came to power....

A thunderous sound of gunfire gripped the room with the motion seats moving helter skelter. Panic. Terror. Never before were the students subjected to such brilliant artificiality.

Deep inside his mind, Hitler wanted to manifest his plans formed years ago. That of vengeance, hostility, force, power, domination and superiority. Hitler developed an uncanny and abnormal degree of pride and ego, calling himself the ‘best of the best’!

Once he was made Chancellor of Germany, he started rolling out a series of actions exclusively for the Jews. This included extreme torture, bondage and captivity in concentration camps. Again, Hitler acted this way just because of his personal vendetta and anger against those Jewish leaders from the times of WWI. He wanted to be a superior man and he actually implemented Charles Darwin's theory of 'Survival of the Fittest'. Race discrimination set in, and inequalities began to rise. Thus started one of the worst phases in the history of mankind - The Holocaust. More than 11 million people were killed in this business, and Hitler could finally seek revenge, though in an extreme manner. 

Against all this background, Hitler was a true nationalist without any doubt. His love, respect and attachment to his Germany is exemplary. His development schemes improved Germany in 2 years, and such a radical change could not be brought about in even 20 years after his death!

Truly, Narendra Modi is Hitler for the massive development in his region, and Raj Thackeray is Hitler for his evoking and provoking speeches...

World War II was Adolf Hitler's favourite game. He loved seeking vengeance against other European countries for their humiliation and disgust earlier. He enjoyed battles and wars, and believed that only force can conquer the world! Let us realize that, such behaviour of Hitler was directly and indirectly related to his strict and authoritarian father who used to always beat him up...

Being the most influential person in Europe and practically the entire world in that time, leaders of other nations feared him. Mahatma Gandhi, the torch of non-violence had sent some of his pleasant and kind flames to Hitler, for only to be ignored. In fact, Hitler was the one who had even conspired to kill Gandhiji just because non-violence was his strong competitor.

Now, to capture Hitler's inner personality, let us analyze his character through his handwritten notes and letters...

The screen created a superb display of German ink:

An overview handwriting analysis of Mr. Hitler would go something like this....

Adolf Hitler was a very intelligent man with a brilliant and sharp mind. He held his emotions in high regard and his life revolved around it.  This vulnerability to emotional incidents made him initiate the Holocaust and other irreversible destruction. A charming and dominating leader, he was also a true nationalist. He had fixed beliefs and perceptions in his mind, which he refused to change, adding to his rigid behaviour. He was very ambitious and was gifted with excellent will power. Had he used all his brilliant traits for the good, he would have definitely come out as an exceptional visionary in the history of the world...

This concluded our insightful presentation, modifying Hitler's perceptions in the minds of many present.

...And this how Adolf Hitler's 100th death anniversary was celebrated.


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Image Credit: Hitler's Brain - Hitesh Rawat