13 May, 2009

Why Indian Media Needs A Renovation

Want to know the latest news?

Surf across news channels or browse the newspapers, right?

Indian media is the most powerful tool of communication...and if this tool is misused, subverted, drugged or spoilt...there shall be unprecedented consequences.

Have a look at my general take on the media:

The Indian Media knows much about the recent couple break-ups in the film industry, but are unaware of the impeachment of the President of Libya. They are the pundits when it comes to informing the public about nasty remarks made by the Page 3 elements but flunk in acquainting the common man with the latest decisions made in the Lok Sabha. Well, there are a few exceptions to this when it comes to news channels...But these exceptions are like gold dust.

You come across headlines in newspapers which shock you, puzzle you, interest you or even make you cry...but I personally feel newspapers should (or at least try) to be a bit positive and optimistic.

For example, if there is an IPL match between Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians...and if the winner is Delhi Daredevils, then newspapers announce "Mumbai Indians lose by 5 wickets...or something". Why can't these guys be optimistic? Can't they publish the news as "Delhi Daredevils win by 5 wickets...or something"?

I believe no negative or disturbing news should be published on the front page of any newspaper....you may disagree with me because of the hype these newspapers make...but anyway, people are used to this curiosity for disturbing things, right?

I have observed people discuss and gossip more about murders, rapes, kidnappings, assaults, etc. rather than talking about the latest developments in science and technology. Do you know the reason behind this strange mentality of people? The reason is that we get influenced from newspapers who like promoting cruel and shocking news.

News channels are also not too behind in this race. They love Bollywood gossip more than Manmohan Singh's speech...so they broadcast what they love. As a result, people don't become aware and alert of their surroundings.

For all these reasons, I strongly feel that the Indian Media deserves a renovation!

Do you agree with me on this topic? Or do you think the media is better left untouched?

Just say what you want to say in the comments section...I would love to hear your views and opinions.