10 April, 2011

Share the World!

I'm sure many of my readers and friends might want to read something on the recent cricket World Cup or the Anti-Corruption drive in the country in this blog post. Sorry, I'm doing nothing of that sort.

Here is a different topic that struck me like lightning:

We humans are amazing creatures. We are the only ones to be called intelligent due to our thinking capacities. However, if we realize, we are actually doing more harm than good to Planet Earth. We mine and dig deep for our greed. We kill its beautiful natural resources for our own good. We murder our waters with garbage and pollution. All this for the betterment of our OWN benefit. Why should we then wonder if animal and plant life tags us as selfish?

Let us realize as intelligent beings, that we are here for collective growth and development. We are kings and rulers of our own world. Each one of us is powerful and capable to provide for welfare for others. In fact, I believe the very purpose of our existence is to spread and share all that we have.

It seems contradictory that on one hand, we say the world is a large family and on the other, hesitate to give of ourselves. We cannot live if we do not give. In fact, each one of us has the power to provide for all that the world is in need of.

There is really nothing that we can call our own. We usually run after material things and then let them rule over us. Money and goods are often hoarded to act as a form of security. This causes stagnation, my friends. We ought to give what we take. Or else, how would the world function and sustain itself? For instance, let us share our knowledge, experience and wisdom with our fellow mates to enrich their lives. Why hold on to money also? Money is just a means of exchange and meant for survival.

Living itself is a flow. And the opposite of flow is apathy. We as Indians appear to be extremely apathetic to all that is going around us. We must realize that our laid-back attitude is actually preventing us from living the way we want to. Our lives have become so mechanical that we are not prone to anything that happens in the world. We might raise our voices only if events or incidents concern us in specific.

Let us stay in this flow by giving of ourselves. I must admit here that it is always the Giver's Gain! All that we possess now or later in our life will not be ours after our death. So why remain attached to all that is fleeting and temporary?

For instance, in my case, I am in the process of donating my already-read books so that I can give light to those who have never seen it. I have old clothes in my place that I shall be giving to the needy, not because I don't need them but because they need them more than I currently do. Same with money, I am saving small amounts that I shall direct towards a worthy cause.

Even more than material things, we can always give priceless gifts of love, compassion and attention. We really lose nothing in this flow. Life is not meant to be hoarded, for then it will stink. Let us give of all that we have. Let us share our world with the world!

I request all those are inspired to give and share to be a part of this beautiful website - The Freecycle Network. You can also join your local group to change the world one gift at a time.

What are your thoughts and ideas on sharing and giving? Don't you think it is a divine process?

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