18 March, 2011

5 Reasons to Avoid Holi

My 12th board exams are finally over and I'm back to what I loving doing best - blogging!! I'm sorry for being inactive, though not anymore.. 

This time, a blog post on Avoiding Holi.. 

Why You Should Avoid Holi 2011:

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1. It is a criminal waste of water. We are already reeling under a severe water shortage and efforts are being made to save water. Celebrating Holi will only nullify those efforts and cause wastage of millions and millions of litres of a life-saving precious resource.

2. Holi colours are toxic and dangerous. In fact, most of the Holi colours are meant for industrial uses and are specifically not meant to be applied on humans.

3. Plastic water balloons hurt the environment. First of all, they are non-bio-degradable and the mess they create after the celebrations is terrible and difficult to dispose.

4. There is nothing like a 'Safe Holi'. In spite of all the precautions you might take, you will still be a victim of accidental injuries and exposed to all kinds of toxic colours.

5. It is an unproductive experience. Holi has lost its true meaning and celebrations have only turned superficial, leaving behind an empty feeling. Instead of transporting us into a state of bliss, Holi has only turned into 'hooliganism'.

Dear friends, please avoid celebrating Holi. The environment and its natural resources will be more than grateful to you!

Please spread this message to your family and friends, and enjoy Holi doing something intelligent and productive indoors.

I look forward to your comments and thoughts!