20 February, 2012

The Revival

Hello Friends!

Finally, I'm back on the blogging scene!

There was a reason I vanished from the blogosphere:-
I found myself wasting time expressing my thoughts here than actually taking action on the same. Until now, I thought that action speaks louder than words and that I should focus on taking actions than simply blogging.

However, I now realize the power of blogging!

Even though I was inactive all this while - to my utmost surprise - more than 5,000 people visited The Indian World blog every month with over 20,000 monthly page views and still continue to do so! Some people still sign up for email subscriptions hoping to receive something meaningful from my side. This blog receives comments every week, the articles here seem to be helping students with their homework, assignments and speeches.

Some of my regular readers and friends from the blogging community have been persistent in convincing me to resume blogging, but I was really rigid in my belief that ONLY action would count.

Now I know, that I can make a difference through this blog! I can inspire readers to take action and contribute to the betterment of the nation! I can be the media! I know my writing indeed has the power to change India one step at a time!

So from now onwards, I shall be regularly blogging about the things that matter the most. These updates will also include guest posts, links to brilliant pieces of writing and inspiring blog posts to provoke the citizen in you.

If I falter in my promise to blog regularly (at least 1 update per fortnight), you have the full freedom to hold me accountable and express your dissatisfaction at parthjdave9 at gmail dot com.

Here is something breathtaking for you:

Marine Drive, Bombay

I'm really glad to be back here! Looking forward to your interactions and feedback, as always!