31 July, 2010

An Account of an Everyday Event

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Alarms are the worst invention in the world!

It's 6 am - exercise time. Morning walks, gym trips or extra doses of sleep. Who says sleep is not a form of exercise?

The sun displays its sparkling feathers and the leaves gently whistle to the tune of the breeze. For people like me, this is the perfect time for sleep but there are obvious hurdles...

Like Mom switching off that fan. Splashing water on my face. Loud alarm snoozes...and what not?

I am forced to finally give in and get ready for college. As soon as I retain my sane consciousness, am busy in checking my GMail messages on my phone. It is a good feeling.

Come 8.30 am and am off in a private society bus to the railway station. Since my place is pretty far from the trains’, my stint of about 20-25 minutes in the bus is an interesting one. For company, I either have my music or a book to immerse in. Or else, I just stare in the blank space of the highway like a kid. The breeze hitting me reminds me of my past memories and again, shuts my eyes to feel the feeling!

On my way, there are a couple of things that really really annoy me. First being, the beautifully-designed political billboards. When it comes to developmental schemes, these guys have no money in their pockets and now, for their publicity, it seems they probably loot banks. These billboards are plastered all over the city with birthday wishes to party leaders and season’s greetings to people who stop and read. Another thing that irks me is the incredible quality of the monsoon roads. One heavy downpour and there are more potholes than the path itself. Why does this happen only in India? We have perennial rains in US and Europe, but the roads are hardly affected. Why? Just because we’ve got used to bumpy rides, no one wants to use high quality materials for construction.

So, by 9 o’clock, am climbing up and down to the railway platform. There are hundreds of others migrating here and there, powered with the potential of a mini-stampede. Dirt and litter make really creative borders and fences here. Railway tracks work as 24/7 dustbins. Same with train compartments. Used, abused and misused.

9.16 am is an important event in my life. This is when my local fast train arrives and the scene is a pretty common one, especially in Mumbai. No sooner does the train slow down, than people start rushing into it. ‘World War III’ is what I call it in my world. Hundreds of commuters rush in through the entry points like a blitzkrieg attack. Had there been automatic doors, they would have been crushed the very first day. Once I struggle my way in, I have prized seats waiting to be filled. I quickly grab one like a reward after such chaos.

Inside too, the music of the rush, the thrill and not to forget, the hawker sets in. I plan to utilize this time in a little academic affair. I start out with reading a textbook or some subject’s notes. Consistency prevails for another 10 minutes… and then, bang! Am nicely in deep sleep with the notebook as my hard pillow. With my vast experience in being a student, I can easily declare that academic books are the best sleep inducers. Once you get in the pleasant realm of sleep, external cacophony is hardly disturbing.

I wake up like a soldier when they announce, “Next station – C.S.T!” My 40 minute journey has been that of sleep, compensating for the morning hurdles as mentioned earlier. I am fresh and raring to go. An amazing 5 minute walk separates C.S.T and my college. Through this walk, I enjoy views of the Subway (which should be renamed as Godown for obvious reasons), the C.S.T architecture, the buzz of the main city and a notice board reading ‘Pin Code – 400001’. On the way, you find unemployed lawyers roaming aimlessly, several police jeeps, Cama Hospital and the destination!

St. Xavier’s College is a beautiful city, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Vibrancy and enthusiasm greets you at its gates and accompanies you throughout. There is never a typical, dull day here. I enjoy attending most of my lectures, which usually commence from 10.30 am right upto 3.30 pm with an hour lunch break in between. I have a rocking and crazy time with my fellows here, blended with humour and delight. There’s so much to say about my college… In fact, I could write a long essay on it and still not get done away with.

Evening strikes and I generally, leave for home, a place 45 kms away.  Again the train ride, but with a less crowd this time. As it reaches Thane station, I waste no time to whoosh away in a share rickshaw.

By 5.30 pm, I am home, snacking on something quick. Just after this, I switch on my workstation mode and dedicate a few hours for my venture revolving around handwriting analysis. Once am done, we have a nice and peaceful family dinner around 8.30 pm.

Later in the night, either I read an interesting book, or surf the Internet or I probably just happen to study a little, by mistake.

After that, sleeps calls me and I quickly pick up the phone…

This may come across as a pretty mundane schedule, but it isn’t. I learn something new every single day and always have a check on my goals and dreams. By the way, did I tell you my daily routine is coated with layers of cheerful and excited vibes?

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