29 May, 2010

The European Chronicles - Italy

So, here we go with Italy...

How does it feel when you travel the entire day in a bus just to finally find a crooked building with nothing great in it?

This is how we started our travel experience at Italy, with our first stop at Pisa. And the 'crooked building' mentioned is none other than The Leaning Tower Of Pisa!

This tower at Pisa is seriously not worth the hype and hoopla!

Our next stop was at Rome, the capital city and an historical one too! 
Rome is seriously a beautiful city with ancient artefacts, monuments, pillars and other structures dating to a thousand years back. In fact, you get a feeling of being in a city with ancient stuff scattered here and there! Re-visiting Rome would only be a wish of an art lover, a historian or an architect.
Shown below is the Colosseum, an amphitheatre mainly used for gladiator fights:

After Rome, we set out for Florence, the richest and the largest city in Europe in the 12th century.

Florence has been the chosen home for eminent figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Dante, Machiavelli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Amerigo Vespucci etc.  It is widely known for its extensive art and architecture, specially in the Renaissance period. Florence is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, thanks to it's artistic and cultural heritage.  It boasts of more than a hundred museums and many palaces around the place. 

Here is an aerial view of Florence city:

We next moved to Venice, a very beautiful and romantic city. It stretches across 117 small islands, accessed by boats and gondolas. It attracts a lot of tourists due to its pleasant climate, picture-perfect looks, luxury shops and boutiques, gondola rides and canals. According to WikipediaVenice is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, due to the city being one of the world's greatest and most beautiful cities of art.

View from a Gondola!

Though endowed with so many buildings and monuments, Italy is a rather boring country which can anytime be skipped in any tour. It's people are outright manipulative, shrewd and perfect liars. There have been many cases of tourists being cheated here in Italy. In fact, once, a few years ago, even my Dad was robbed of his money. Italians are not at all trustworthy. And the worst part is, coffee shops charge their customers even for the music being played in the background. Air Italia, their national airlines, is also disgusting with unco-operative crew members.

The reason Italy attracts so many tourists, is only because they aggressively market their tourist sights and attractions. There are clothes, souvenirs and other items with monuments and structures printed on them. There are also a lot of 'I love Italy', 'I love Rome', etc. T-shirts that are the best way of marketing their cities. This feature is the only thing we need to develop in our India... Let's preserve our heritage sites and let's publicize them well!

That's all for Italy. Our next destination is Austria.. So, do stay updated!

P.S. I shall be again away for a week, since am travelling to my native Ahmedabad. So, the next update shall possibly come around 4th or 5th June.