27 May, 2010

The European Chronicles - Monaco

Reminds us of the biscuit name, but in reality, Monaco is just like a tiny biscuit...

Monaco is the 2nd smallest country in the world with an enormous area of 1.95 square kilometres. It is basically a principality surrounded by France from three sides. It's small size doesn't stop Monaco from constructing skyscrapers every now and then.

Monaco is simply famous for 2 things - the Formula One Grand Prix races and the grand casino at Monte Carlo. It is a tax haven country, and people here are ridiculously rich and usually possess high-end sports cars.

Even though this is a pretty tiny place, it serves as a beautiful tourist destination with awesome hotels overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea!

The below image is of the very famous casino at Monte Carlo..

Monaco is a very well maintained monarchy with the head being Prince Albert II. It features a smooth administration, excellent city planning, crystal clean Mediterranean waters and no crime rate at all!

That's all for Monaco, a small post for a small biscuit nation. Coming up next is Italy, the home ground of the pizzza and the UPA Prezzzident... So, stay tuned!