20 January, 2010

We Anxious Humans!

Sharing with you all a beautiful poem written by one of my very good friends, Neel...

Poet's Remarks: A factory visit to Gujarat near the Gir Forest National Park compelled me to pen these words. This particular factory used to kill trees almost every 15 minutes which hurt me a lot... Fortunately, it has been shut down. Anyway, hope you like my poem!

We Anxious Humans

Truths harsh & fed by fate
Smeared across the withering land
That fed me once.
Reeking of infertile soil
The trees show no mercy
Nor the relentless sea
Any more love.

A future axed down by dusty humans
Who look within no more.
-Neel (Bedabrata)

I find this poem to be very insightful and amazing. It purely reflects our mentality towards others. By the way, what do you feel about this beautiful work of poetry? What are your views about it..?