24 January, 2010

Entering The AVATAR Territory...

No, this is not a movie review...
A morning walk deep inside the woods compelled me to craft this innovative post.. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Do you know what is nature?

I'm afraid you must have forgotten it. Our lives have modernised, become technical and advanced. Who has time to take a stroll with nature and be late for office or college, right?

Our lives are similar to those modern people and mean machines in Avatar (Those of you who have seen Avatar will get my message, ...and for those who haven't, you are missing something very profound!). Shocking it may sound, but we are actually being oblivious to the beautiful nature surrounding us.

We all wish for some peace, silence and serenity in our hectic lives. And you can fulfill this wish just by being with nature for some time during the day, especially during the mornings! I go for daily morning treks deep in the woods, and for me, nature makes a complete day for me. The places I go truly reminds me of the Avatar terrain... dense forests, utter silence, the rustling of dry leaves, tall trees and native tribes.

I strongly feel that, we all need to take a break from our busy and monotonous schedule to explore this wonderful world.  Let us all connect with nature and our incredible surroundings - in some or the other way - and feel refreshed.

Nature is something, that I can term the only instance of permanent beauty. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore these things and look out for temporary beauty and happiness like gadgets and other materialistic things.

I don't think it is wise on our part to give a cold shoulder to nature.  Let us keep in mind that wisdom begins only when we realize our foolishness and apathy...

What are your views on connecting with our divine nature?