01 July, 2009

Fuel Is Free!!!

Just have a look at the above advertisement…
…What I can say is these guys feel FUEL IS FREE!

The biggest weakness of this advertisement is that it strongly discourages car pooling.
Petrol prices are shooting up every day…since our petroleum reserves are limited.
There have been many campaigns urging people to save fuel. You can also have a look at my post: 10 Ways To Save Fuel

I feel this advertisement will increase sales of two-wheelers, thereby increasing demand for fuel.
I urge you not to follow the above trend (as shown in the advertisement) as it shall increase traffic as well as limit our nation’s resources.

This video is kind-of an addictive one. All it shows is that women are breaking those shackles of sitting behind the driver. This is complete nonsense! This is not related to woman’s independence and individuality at all…
I guess there will be students and young women who will buy this two-wheeler…just by getting influenced from this stupid video.

I wish to say only 1 thing – Change your perspective. The perspective of viewing things, be it modern gadgets or automobiles. Think about the nation first. I don’t say you give up all your materialistic things…, but try not to harm our nation in any way. After all, it’s our nation, INDIA!