15 April, 2009

10 Ways To Save Fuel

We all know India is facing a severe fuel crisis. In view of this, the PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) is encouraging fuel conservation with the help of advertisements.

So, being an Indian, I also thought of giving you a few pointers for saving fuel. Let me inform you that this is my third post in the '10 Ways To...' series.

In the following points, I have considered all transport vehicles as cars for generalization. So, here I go with my 10 tips for saving fuel:

  1. Visit a petrol pump only if your car has little or no fuel. I don't find any reason of buying fuel if your car already has sufficient fuel. This method shall directly or indirectly save valuable fuel of the respective petrol pump. You can bypass this advice in emergencies.
  2. Turn off your car in slow traffic and at traffic signals. It is estimated that you can save about 20% of fuel in this process.
  3. Minimize the use of brakes. The more frequently you apply brakes, the more fuel you spend. You can avoid braking by maintaining a constant speed of your vehicle.
  4. Encourage car pooling. This is a very effective way of saving fuel as well as reducing traffic on the roads.
  5. If possible, use electric-powered cars.
  6. Always insist on buying cars having an excellent mileage.
  7. Don't be a fan of Michael Schumacher! Drive at a constant speed. The faster you drive, the faster your fuel vanishes. Tests on Indian cars prove that you can get upto 40% extra mileage at 45-55 km/hr. as against 80 km/hr.
  8. Use public transport systems as much as possible.
  9. Place your right hand on your heart and say the following - "I solemnly swear that I will conserve fuel as much as possible and try to use it economically. I shall dedicate my mind, body, heart and soul for the conservation of fuel."
  10. Spread awareness for fuel conservation amongst your friends and relatives.

Well, I can think of only 10 suggestions. Can you add any more to the list?