18 June, 2009

What would you do for India?

I am repeating this statement once again – India is a nation of critics. Why do we always find faults in others? Be it the Indian Government or the Bureaucracy…or even the police force…we just can’t stay still without criticism!

We are ready to blame others, but we refuse take the blame, isn’t it? We always stress on this statement – “The system is a big flaw. It can never be improved…” But, you know what…?
…We are the system.

Why blame corrupt politicians if we don’t know whom to vote for? Why do we find fault with everything in existence if we can’t act…or so if we can’t even suggest improvements?

So, at this moment, I ask you – What would you do for India?

Answers like ‘I can do anything for India…I can even sacrifice my life’ and stuff are cliché and are pure flattery. You need to think seriously… what can you do you for your nation?

I don’t want you to obey any rules or whatsoever…but always respect your motherland.
At this juncture, I remember a website I recently stumbled upon:

This website called One Letter A Week (ONLW) aims at addressing socio-economic or cultural issues of our nation. Created by two NRI’s, this initiative was born after the 26/11 aftermath which literally shocked the whole world.

The main aspect of this site is to urge Indians to take up issues and write to the PMO for seeking solutions! As the name goes, one letter is sent every week to the authorities. Sanket Korgaonkar, co-creator of ONLW remarks, “ONLW is an online initiative to organize people response and to increase public awareness - ONLW stands for One Letter A Week - where by we write to the Prime Ministers Office seeking answers to every day (social) problems of the commoner.”

“I feel ONLW coupled with RTI is a real viable solution that can get citizens DOING something about everyday injustices as opposed to being mere helpless victims - personally for me ONLW came about out of sheer frustration post 26/11 attacks - because all that people were doing was talking and I wanted to DO something”, he adds.

So, I feel every Indian should at least have a look at this site…and by all means, join hands and volunteer to send letters for addressing national issues.

Anyway, don’t you think this site is indeed contributing for the betterment of our nation, directly or indirectly? What do you think?