25 June, 2009

A Tinge Of Optimism…

First of all, this is my 50th post! Hurray!!!
Since my blog mostly preaches or rather distributes optimism, I would like to again give you a similarly-themed message…

This paragraph was written by a 15-year-old girl. She wrote it for her handwriting analysis (read my previous post to know more about handwriting analysis). I think this paragraph should be hung at every house, workstation and school to motivate and encourage people:

There is nothing left in my mind. No thought, no guilt, no anxiety. I don’t even know who I am. Not talking to anyone makes me just feel complete. It’s now not a matter of me with an association with someone. But, it’s just me. I feel I have found God today. Moreover, it may be just because of this year of mine. I feel I can concentrate much more. Concentrate on all the positive aspects. No such negative thought. It’s a change. A revolution for me. I feel I am much stronger. I feel who I am today. I feel what I do may have not been correct but it wasn’t even wrong. There is no confusion left. I know what I am doing. I am aware of everything. Life has become a celebration now.

I found this paragraph to be deeply inspirational. It’s actually unbelievable that a 15-year-old girl can pen down such prophetic words!
What do feel after reading this passage?