11 May, 2009

5 Paradoxes Of Our India

Do Indians really think?

Yes..?? No..??

Forget it, now, I am going to make all my Indian readers think...and think hard!

Here are 5 paradoxes of India that will keep you busy thinking for a long time:

  1. Why is hockey, the national game of India, always boycotted and cricket, the British game, treated as a religion?
  2. Mahatma Gandhi, the God of Honesty is residing in the biggest and the most common factor of Dishonesty and Corruption - a currency note.
  3. Mumbai, where Mukesh Ambani is personally funding the world's largest private residence, is also home to Dharavi, Asia's biggest slum, that shelters over 1 million people. - source
  4. India is known for her majestic culture, yet we Indians look out for Western fashion and style.
  5. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had so perfectly said, "An ignited mind is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and below the earth." We are a nation of a billion ignited minds...yet we think about developing USA by working there. Why?

Don't you feel these things make you think real hard?

Just ponder on these realities...and pour your suggestions in the comments section.