07 May, 2009

Handwriting Analysis of Preity Zinta

This time I am going to analyze Preity Zinta's handwriting...

Preity is a very family person. She can sacrifice anything for her family. This is evident from her signature - she does not write her full name.

She is a down-to-earth person as well as very practical. She can also be moody at times.

She tends to procrastinate things at times. She is also a very visual person, which means she visualizes all her ideas in pictures.

She is very secretive in nature. Besides being energetic, she is also a short-tempered person.

She tries to be very cautious in dealings and transactions.

She doesn't come across as a confident individual.

Well, I am done with my analysis....but I need your help. Please suggest me a few famous people whose analysis you would like to know...