09 May, 2009

5 Evident Climate Changes Due To Global Warming

I have been observing climate changes very closely. It's disappointing to assert that India, too has been affected by global warming.

Some evident climate changes are as follows:

  1. Long dry spells during monsoons. Since a couple of years, there has been rainfall only for a month or so.

  2. Strong heat waves across the country. It's tremendously hot this summer. People have died due to heat waves in North India.

  3. Strange behaviours during winter. Sometimes, during winter, it's extremely hot. It actually doesn't seem cool, but smog is increasing day by day.

  4. Unpredictable nature of rainfall. There are reports of slight rainfall this summer in some parts of India.

  5. It's the hottest this summer! I think this summer is the hottest Indian summer ever...

What do you think about climate changes in India? Do you agree with me and do you feel India is really getting affected due to global warming?

Just drop in your views in the comments section...