09 April, 2009

10 Ways To Save Electricity

I would like to introduce you to the '10 Ways To...' series. The number of posts in this series have not been decided, but I shall write in this series twice every week. Here is my first post in this series...

Did you know that according to a World Bank report, roughly 40 percent of residences in India are without electricity?

But, in a way, concepts like 'power cuts' and 'load-shedding' are not new. In fact, they have become an everyday routine. People in some parts of India live without electricity for 6-10 hours everyday. From the bottom of my heart, I feel we Indians don't deserve such ill-treatment. The only way to stop this menace is to save electricity. So, here are 10 ways I think shall prove very effective in saving electricity...

  1. You are reading this...it means you have a computer or a laptop and undoubtedly, a computer monitor. Whenever you feel that you won't be using your computer for about 15-20 minutes, please take the efforts to switch off the computer monitor. This will slim down your electricity bill significantly. If you turn off your monitor for a minute, a bulb can be lit in some remote part of India for about 2 minutes.
  2. Well, if you have a computer, you may also have a T.V set. If you are a person who hangs on to only 1 programme, you can put off the T.V. during ad commercials. For that, you must know the duration of the interval. This will ensure that you don't miss out anything of the programme!
  3. If you reside at an above sea-level region, minimize the use of fans. You can enjoy pleasant breezes by keeping all your doors and windows open.
  4. Try to switch off all your electrical appliances for at least half an hour everyday.
  5. If you are a millionaire, go solar. Try solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar cells, etc. And if you are not a millionaire, use renewable resources as much as possible.
  6. The most famous sentence I have ever heard - SWITCH OFF ALL FANS AND LIGHTS WHEN NOT REQUIRED.
  7. Don't take the above advice very seriously. You don't need to turn off a fan if you are going to use it after a minute or so and vice versa. If you do so, you will end up spending more electricity!
  8. Roam around (in your home!) every once in a while to ensure all electrical appliances are used only as per their requirements.
  9. Get paranoid about this trend. Let people call you 'The Electric Nerd' or 'The Complete Saver' or something similar.
  10. Spread the word. Make your family, friends and relatives aware of this. Encourage them to save electricity.
Well, I'm done with my 10 tips...do you have any more to add?