03 April, 2009

Don't Rely On Freedom Fighters!

We Indians are best friends of the past. It is an obvious fact that India is known for its legendary history. But I feel that Indians are too absorbed in the past glories. Read on to know what I mean....

The above picture displays the perfect example of an ideal freedom fighter. But, mind you, it does not teach people to cling to previous achievements.

I feel we all pay excessive attention to the past. Why don't we live in the present?

I think it's high time we attend the issues at stake. Dangerous shadows are looming over India. Why don't we see to these things first? There are problems like terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, etc. which need immediate attention.

This is your sole chance of being a fighter!

You don't fight for freedom, but against social evils like terrorism and poverty. Come on, my fellow Indians...show the World that India is not known only for its majestic history. India should also be known for its brave and determined people.

You can read my post on terrorism on the different ways to curb it. Hop on to this post to know about some ways to eradicate poverty.

I hope renewed energy will flow through everybody who reads this post.