28 March, 2009

Shoot Down Terrorism!

I live in India - The Kingdom Of Uncertainties.

You never know when terrorism knocks at your door and mows you down for no reason.

I still haven't understood why India always welcomes terrorism in its territory. Look at the US, there have been no terrorist attacks post-9/11. On the other hand, India still cannot guarantee peace and security after 26/11.

Till date, there have been constant endeavours to wipe off terrorism from the World. Discernibly, India - The Lenient One - has done little to kill terrorism. Many security experts around the World have put forth ways to curb this menace, but even now, terror outfits like the Taliban are still at large.

I am no security analyst or defence advisor, but here are a few guidelines I think shall definitely prove effective in shredding terrorism into pieces:

  • Nullify all terrorist camps. This is what US drones are doing in Pakistan. And now it is time for India to follow suit. We are constantly in danger due to these clandestine camps along the Indian border. This strategy is quite effective, but its implementation may take a long time.
  • Take severe action against helping hands of terrorism. This action can be in the form of confiscation of arms and ammunition. A very obvious example of a helping hand is the ISI in Pakistan.
  • Stop production of ammunition. This will lead to a shortage of arms in terror outfits, and subsequently, these outfits will stop functioning. You may be wondering that if there is no ammunition, then how will nations strengthen their military powers, right? First of all, what's the use of having more ammunition if it's not going to be used? In other words, where to use the arms and ammunition if terrorism and pirates cease to exist? Also, weapons shall become useless if all nations want peace because ammunition is used only in wars. On the whole, this is the most important tactic to finish off terrorism.
  • Encourage education in remote parts of Islamic countries, especially Afghanistan and Pakistan. This will help in inducing people to think and have a better conscience. This step is necessary to implement because youngsters from rural areas join terror groups to get rid of their penury.
However, different people have different opinions regarding this topic.