26 March, 2009

The Nano Dilemma

The wait is over...

Tata Nano, the most awaited car in India has arrived. And what a grand welcome it received at its launch at the Parsi Gymkhana in Nariman Point, Mumbai! Mumbai Mirror paraphrases it as 'the mother of all launches'.

I am simply in love with the elegant look of the car. I bet millions of two-wheeler owners are vying to get their hands on this fantastic Nano. And with its bright yellow paint on, nobody would refuse to take it home!

According to a review by editor of auto magazine BBC Top Gear Vardhan Kondvikar, "Nano is a great little car, whether as a first car for an eighteen-year-old; as basic transport on a budget; or as a second car to tootle around in the city.

In spite of this incredible fanfare, there's this 1 thing which is constantly troubling me - The thought of seeing Nano on the roads. Since millions of people are expected to book Nano, there remains a constant threat of a momentous rise in the traffic on our roads. I don't know how many of you would support me, but I strongly feel that Tata Nano would contribute to traffic woes in our country.

Market research firm Crisil says that the impressive price of the car shall make it affordable to an additional 14 million famillies, including a section of 58 million two-wheeler owners.

Besides traffic problems, it is quite obvious that two-wheeler sales would plummet resulting into losses for companies like Yamaha, Kinetic, Hero Honda, etc.

So, should you buy a Nano or not?
That is the BIG DILEMMA!