30 March, 2009

Buck Up, Writers!

They say,"The most powerful weapon of a journalist is his pen".

This weapon has indeed captured the minds of many a million. But now, journalism is boosting elitism with the pen overflowing with super-eloquence.

One must appreciate journalists and columnists for their trysts with current affairs. But the greatest weakness of journalism lies in its intricated lexicons. This intricacy widens the gap between the common, middle-class man and the hi-fi journalist.
I believe that journalism can be at its best when it reaches out to a wide audience. Columnists can always voice their opinions with comprehensive details, keeping in mind the person reading it at the other side.

Also, columnists should not ramble in newspapers, especially those prestigious ones. I read The Times Of India daily and I sometimes find writers blabbering about their newly-bought motorcycle or a fight with their spouse. I must say Indian writers are the best promoters of extraneous subjects.

It is necessary that the common man in India should relate with the views expressed by columnists.

Let me inform you all that I don't want to insult or criticize Indian writers in any way. I only want them to educate and entertain the masses with simple and lucid language.

Comments, either appreciative or critical, are always welcome.