24 March, 2009

The Optimistic Poverty

India is a nation of critics. Some criticize corruption, while others condemn illiteracy and unemployment.Poverty is also targeted.

We all know poverty is one of the grave problems India faces. We flinch every time when we see these poor pictures of India:

But, now the time has come. The time to change one's mentality. Why do we always highlight poverty in its negative aspect?

Ever wondered that as a coin has 2 sides, can poverty have a positive side to it?

Well, yes, poverty can be looked upon with a positive attitude.

Here's how poverty is beneficial:-

We want to eradicate poverty from India, right? Just imagine, if there's no poverty and if everybody becomes rich, then....

There shall be an extreme increase in the demand for:
  • Housing facilities
  • Food products
  • Consumer goods, etc.
And do you think India can meet these requirements?

Well, even if India fulfills these demands, then don't you think that there will be a hyper-inflation?

I agree that poverty has more cons than pros, but till its complete eradication, its better that we have an optimistic approach towards it.