03 March, 2013

Kala Ghoda 2013 - Celebrating Obsolescence

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I've been visiting the Kala Ghoda Festival (in Mumbai) for a few years now...

This year, it was the same with art installations underlining a social message and NGO stalls in the background.

Since 15 years, the Kala Ghoda Festival continues to make an attempt to provoke visitors with social causes through a multicultural awareness. However, I think it has turned into a mere exercise in futility. No longer do visitors get sensitized, and more than anything else, art installations are now treated like photogenic objects.

We now have more people interested in photographing the event than in absorbing, appreciating and taking inspiration from the annual themes. Anyway, over the times, the festival has become an art facade which attracts consumers to its almost-invisible marketplace bought by wealthy NGOs.

Our mere consumption of social messages & insights, and some handicraft bags is probably making no difference to the bigger picture. Only, the event organizers continue to streamline funds towards preserving heritage structures. However, we've been disillusioned to believe that contribution and empowerment of society can be brought about only by consumerism. 

Let's start questioning all that we take for granted...