17 March, 2013

Can we be human beings?

Why Lokpal Bill?
Why Women's Reservation Bill?
Why Sexual Harassment ordinance?
Why do we have bills at all?
Why do we have laws?
Why have rules and regulations?
Why do we need law and order systems?
Why lawyers? Why courts?
Why police?
Why Army? Why Navy? Why Air Force?
Why force, pressure and torture?
Why oppression? Why repression?
Why revenge?
Why violence? Why wars? Why blood?
Why injustice? Why insecurity? Why insanity?

Can we not regulate ourselves?
Can we not be ethical?
Can we not be authentic?
Can we not be peaceful? 
Can we not see peace in others?
Can we not be loving?
Can we not see love in others?
Can we not give up our righteousness?
Can we not forgive?
Do we love being animals in a concrete world?

Can we not be human beings in paradise?