08 March, 2010

A Woman's Day and her Bill...

First of all, I would like to wish the women in every household of this world a Happy Women's Day!

 The other day, Vidya Balan added her views about Women's Day in Bombay Times:
Women’s Day doesn’t mean too much to me. It shouldn’t be a one-off thing over which we make a lot of hoo-ha. As women, if we don’t celebrate our womanhood throughout the year, what’s the point? And then, an argument: I don’t mean to sound sexist or feminist, but why don’t we celebrate Men’s Day too? Is it because every other day is men’s day? Humanity is about mankind. But, to use a sociological term, a veiled attempt is being made here at the perpetuation of patriarchy!
Today, it is also a historic day in the political system of our country. Both the houses of Parliament are going to consider the issue of 33% reservation of seats for women in Parliament and put it to vote. This day has come after a serious and long wait of 14 years...

But do we actually require this Bill to be passed in a country where the minority has become majority and the simple, common man is now a minority? Just think about it... We talk so much about gender equality and liberty, so why this madness? A Congress spokesperson justified this issue by saying, "Women form 50% of the population and they should also be given adequate representation in the Parliament". 

Let me clarify 1 thing - India needs the representation of the people, and not of gender. This Women's Reservation Bill is capable of creating another gender divide in the society. If seats are reserved for women in Parliament, then soon we shall have this kind of reservation in every company for employment, and in every aspect of social living. Why this inequality? In the history of India, there has never been a time when men and women were treated equally.

In the first place, why do we even need to reserve seats for women? Do they lack skills and opportunities in today's world? Women are proving to be as capable as men, and they are exploring various horizons. Women are given enough opportunities to achieve all this, so why should we extend this to reservation of seats? I feel women have the potential to achieve whatever they want. So why don't they stand up and contest for elections on their merit? Who is stopping them to get involved in politics?

The only barrier between women and unparallel achievements is a belief.  Women have this mentality that they are supposed to be submissive and inferior to men. When this belief will be cleared, everything will fall in its place. In fact, Chronicwriter also quotes something relevant in a paradoxical manner:
You know she is an Indian woman when she demands for equal rights even though she knows that she dominates man.
I am not against the Women's Reservation Bill. It's just that, it makes no sense whatsoever in passing such a Bill. If the Government really wants to reserve seats, let those seats be for women from backward regions who hardly get a chance to express their thoughts and have no opportunity to excel. The urban, literate woman need not be privileged to such reservations. They are intelligent and strong enough to participate in elections and win a seat in the Parliament on their own merit. They have plenty of scope to excel in politics and in fact, women should take part in managing our nation's democracy.

India is a nation of reservations. In fact, these minority groups like SC's, ST's, NT's, OBC's etc are a group of privileged people. They have a reserved share in almost every sector of the society. Prestigious government posts ranging from Chief Minister and Governor right up to the President of India are mostly dominated by these minority groups and women. It is sad to know that a common man has become a minority case in today's world...

Let equality prevail...

जय हिंद!

Please do share your views and thoughts about this issue... In fact, I'd love to hear women's opinions about this Bill. Do you guys really feel that passing this Bill will be beneficial for our democracy?

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