09 March, 2010

An Interview With A Politician!

This post is about a short interview session I had with a politician. This politician has played an active part in Congress from a long time now.

Let me also clarify here that I do not support Congress in any way. In fact, I do not support any political party at the moment. This is just an excerpt about the politician's view of politics...

Name: Bhanwarsingh N Rajpurohit
Active Since: 1965
Currently holding the following positions:
Trustee - Mumbai Port Trust (Ministry of Shipping, R.T. & Highways, Govt. Of India)
Vice President - Mumbai Regional Congress Committee
Member - All India Congress Committee

I entered his cabin. Too huge, but looked simple. A photo of him with Sonia Gandhi adorned the wall. Gods and goddesses were gently placed on a cupboard. The desk boasted of a boring telephone, a notepad, two pairs of spectacles, a cordless bell, a pen stand and nothing else. The man in question, Bhanwarsingh N Rajpurohit, was an old, strong man. Here are the excerpts of the questions I asked him...

Why is politics treated as a dirty subject by the general public?

That's because ministers and politicians have made it dirty. There are a few honest people in this system, but they are often suppressed.

We always find political parties engaging in catfights and blame-games. Why so? Why would a party give a chance to criticism if it does its job properly?

Look, this blame-game will go on, no matter how much we try to solve it. Even if we do something good for the people, there's always this opposition to find faults and condemn our actions. There's no remedy to this now.

 Do you realize that this blame-game is actually generating hatred and prejudice among the masses? Instead of developing the nation, it is actually creating a divide. There should be love and brotherhood among the people, and here we have the complete opposite...

Nods his head.

Politics is turning into a nastier and dirtier game every other day. In fact, it has also seeped into religion, sports, communities and every other thing now. What's your take on this?

Hahaha! Yes, true. Politics has entered almost every aspect of our society. Politics has even entered households now! Greed has spoiled the minds of people.

Why don't we change this corrupt system? Why don't we at least make a start to shut down this nuisance? You are at a pretty high post and have the power to do things. Why don't you raise your voice against corruption and dishonesty?

Nah! I don't think anything can be done about it. If you want to make a start to change all this, you need to be a powerful person with a strong support base. In fact, even I can do nothing about it. Power is support. If I raise my voice, all my power will be snatched away, you see. And even if you wish to change something, what all will you change? This corruption, this red-tapism, this bribery is happening all over the country. What can you do about it? If you want to end corruption, you need to be the Prime Minister or something of that sort. This corruption and manipulation can only end if the highest level people take some action...

Later, I left his office thinking about the enormity of this situation. Our country should not go in the dregs because of weeds like corruption, bribery and red-tapism. I did feel disappointed, but I also learnt a little about the mentality of politicians. 

Still I believe, everything is not lost yet and we need to have hope.

What are your views about this short-interview? Were you satisfied with the responses this politician gave? Or would you also like to share some of your thoughts and ideas here?