26 December, 2009

The Century!

Today, The Indian World blog has hit a century with its 100th post! Yohoo!

It is a great feeling for me since we have achieved a super-duper milestone today!

Blogging is so much fun and I've had a million learning experiences with it. This glorious moment of publishing my 100th post reminds me of the day I started blogging...

The day was 26 February 2009. Just after the stroke of midnight, I had my first post published. My first-ever-post, India Revisited was actually written for my 10th Standard English elocution oral exams.. The response to this elocution was so cheerful, that I finally started writing on the Internet (And I'm glad that I did!).

As you observe many of my posts, you will see a fine and distinct streak of patriotism, optimism and a hope to a see a better, developed India. I feel all my readers get some sort of inspiration and a drive to do something for the country... But very few realize the hard work and commitment that goes behind to continue with the same zeal and fulfill everyone's expectations with this blog. I feel I have developed some kind of strong attachment and relationship with my blog. If I am unable to write on my blog, I see myself full of guilt and remorse.

Talking about the relationship I have with my blog, while writing this post, I got an SMS from a friend which best describes this scenario:
A Relationship is just like The Taj Mahal... Everybody will wonder how beautiful it is, but nobody can understand how difficult it was to build it...! 
So, well, I also expect you guys, as readers of my blog, to express your views and give your feedback and comments...

Well, since this is my 100th post, I must say that this blog has really come a long, long way...

As a writer, blogging has given me a platform to express my views and perspectives about various aspects... It has really been an amazing learning experience. It has also helped me to enrich my English vocabulary and communication skills, for sure! I feel there is something very deep and profound in the very act of blogging..there's a lot of social interaction, you get a chance to develop your analytical skills and broaden your horizons and viewpoints with others' comments and feedback as well... The blogosphere, as a whole, has also helped me to make some really interesting and smart friends...!

Overall, as a matter of concluding remarks, I would like to thank all my readers, feed and e-mail subscribers from all over the world..!! 

Thank You, guys!

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