23 July, 2009

This One Made My Day!

As an amateur blogger, it feels great to receive encouraging comments!
The same thing happened with me today. The following comment on my very popular post God: Captured In Lens by Eddie Zacapa just made my day:

I enjoyed this post. I believe that we are all created in the image of God and can reflect God to others like a mirror. Unfortunately some of us have dirty mirrors that reflect our fallen humanity and fall short.
I believe God is Spirit and that his spirit is in every person. I believe he provides the energy that we all need to be alive. Yet, I think he is more than just energy: I think he has personality and we can have a relationship with him as well. I agree with you that God is in every one of us and that how we treat each other is a reflection of how we treat God's creation.
I believe that there is a divine song that is in all of us and that we are all playing out of tune or in tune with the song. When we are angry, bitter, and resentful we are out of tune with the song but when we are serving, loving and giving we are in tune with the divine song.
Thank you for this enlightening post!

This comment not only encouraged me to write more, but also gave me the required push to discover insights into those oblivious and long-forgotten things.
Thank you so much, Eddie!

So, we conclude to the following proverb:
Appreciation is an expensive gift which should be given freely.
So, my friend, pay someone a compliment today…encourage someone…you will not lose anything…
If we all encourage and compliment each other, then I am sure we’ll see a much more brighter and developed INDIA!