13 June, 2009

Why Population Is A Tricky Coin!

India's No.1 Speciality - Population!

Just observe the above picture carefully...What does it signify? The Earth is not sufficient for our living...WE NEED MORE SPACE!

Take for example - Mumbai trains. You won't notice a single Mumbai local train without crowding and congestions. Here is another issue at stake - There are innumerable traffic snarls these days!

...And what's more? Our government has finally realized traffic congestion is proving tough time for the people...so preventive measures are being devised...

I feel our public transport system should be more efficient to handle overcrowding. When this happens, then only people would opt for trains and buses than private vehicles.

Just reflect and realize the situation, all my dear Indian friends...we are 1 billion people with 1 billion minds...so we all need to actively provide support to our government, we all need to think as responsible citizens of our beloved country.

Don't think this country is overpopulated...but think that we are a group of fantastic and brilliant minds which can be compared to none.

If you ask me one solution to traffic snarls, I would recommend car pooling and using bicycles to travel short distances.

My final message to all of you out there - Don't depend on the government to do anything...Let us all actively co-operate and co-ordinate with each other. The government will surely follow suit!

What's say?

Do you think there is a solution waiting to be discovered...??? What are your views about overpopulation and traffic snarls?

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