27 May, 2009

What have YOU learnt from 26/11?

It's been 6 months since those 60 hours of mayhem...

A lot of things have been told, heard and discussed about this shocking incident...But I want to ask you all a simple question - What have we learnt from 26/11?

I'll tell you what I've learnt...

  1. Post-26/11, I feet social discrimination still exists in India. People are categorized on the basis of class for distributing compensation. For instance, families of those deceased at CST got lesser compensation than those deceased at the Taj Hotel. Philosophers and politicians used to blabber that 'All men are equal'....now what? Do you call this equality?

  2. I used to earlier think that organizations like RAW and IB are the backbone of our nation's security...but after 26/11, I feel our intelligence department has no intelligence. In these years, our intelligence backup may have achieved a lot, but what about their failures? They may have intercepted a thousand phone calls, but it's completely futile if they don't act. I strongly believe that a lot of improvement is required in this department.

  3. "When terror strikes, the only thing that matters is one's life" - This is my perspective after some young and brainwashed guys created havoc not only in Mumbai, but in the whole world. You know it really pains to see death, suffering and terror in your backyard. So, I think it's time all of us, including the government, IAS, and every single person in this world tries to stop terrorism in every way possible.
I feel this is what I've learnt from 26/11...what have YOU learnt from this incident???