29 April, 2009

Signature Analysis of Sonia Gandhi

The elections are here! And many leaders are vying to get votes. One of them is Sonia Gandhi. I shall decode her signature and excavate her nature...

Mrs. Gandhi has a very strong desire for responsibilty. She wants to be needed by a large number of people and will need to be in a leadership role.

She is independent, determined and sometimes, stubborn. Her signature is a bit obscure. This means she has a hiding tendency.

She is a very good planner and an expert in making strategies i.e. political strategies. She is also a bit sensitive to criticism.

She can be careless at times, but is blessed with a good memory.

She is always cautious and controls her ideas. She can also be stressful.

She does not care for herself and depends on others for mental strength. If given a chance, she can concentrate on things well.