27 April, 2009

Signature Analysis of M.F.Husain

We all know M.F.Husain is a great and legendary painter. Here I will decipher his signature and find out what makes him such a fantastic artist....

First of all, he likes the simple and unadorned. He is straightforward in most of the things and his signature also indicates intelligence.

He is also a good listener and kindness is in his veins. He wants to be accepted by the people, in general.

He is a bit secretive and reserved. He is also honest and has an analytical mind. He has a tremendous concentration power and he can focus very well.

He writes his name in full. This helps him to express his creativity, talent and abilities with a lot of confidence. He may slow down a bit, but he will finish off things with perfection. That is the reason why most of his paintings have been masterpieces. He is also very open and authentic.

In spite of all these qualities, he doesn't give much importance to himself.

I couldn't analyze more stuff since this signature has perhaps, been painted.