21 April, 2009

10 Ways To Save Water

This is my fourth post in the '10 Ways To...' series. This time I shall take the opportunity to encourage all my fellow Indians as well as my foreign friends to save as much water as possible.

As the title suggests, here is my list of the 10 ways to save water:

  1. Use your washing machine only when it is filled to its total capacity. You can save about 4500 litres per month in this process. Besides saving water, this method is also helpful to save electricity.
  2. Avoid using a shower for bathing. Try using a bucket instead. This will help you save about 150-200 litres everyday.
  3. Turn off the tap while brushing and save more than 200 litres of water every month.
  4. Stop participating in Holi. As we all know, a massive quantity of water is wasted during this festival.
  5. Don't drink water if you are not thirsty.
  6. Use sprinklers to water the plants provided you have a large garden.
  7. Ensure that your home has no leakages. Also check whether all water bottles are closed properly.
  8. Use small glasses for drinking water. The smaller the container, the less consumption of water.
  9. Whenever you waste water, just think about those millions of people who still struggle to save every drop of water for their survival.
  10. Lastly, spread awareness regarding water conservation.
Well, do you have any more ways to save water?