10 April, 2013

Questioning the Indian Premier League!

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Re-publishing a previous post I had written about the Indian Premier League a year ago:

Players, like objects, are bought and sold in an auction. Just like slaves in a marketplace. 

A need is created that never existed before. That of watching the Indian Premier League.

Advertisements tell me, "Others are watching it, so you watch it too!":

Money flows in millions for television rights and sponsorships. Exempted from entertainment tax.

Cricket hijacked with an unending greed for money. A legitimate scam.

The Indian Paisa League compels people to stay glued to their TVs. Through manipulated advertising all over the place.

The rich find shrewd ways to get richer while 77% of India's population lives on less than Rs. 20 a day (Source).

You tell me: Is entertainment meant to trump over basic necessities of life?