25 March, 2013

Why blame the Government?

Why blame the Government?
Why blame the inauthentic Parliament?
Why blame corrupt Ministers and politicians?
Why blame the rigged Judiciary?
Why blame the shrewd Bureaucracy?
Why blame failed policies?
Why blame the rising inflation?
Why blame uncomfortable roads?
Why blame the lust for greed?

You think, we should blame ourselves?

Why blame ourselves?
Why blame your neighbour?
Why blame yourself?

Why blame anyone at all?
Has blaming ever made a difference to the quality of your, mine or anyone's life?

You wonder, how will we progress if we don't blame or criticize?

We have always progressed by taking on responsibility, and not by blame.

You like it or not, you agree or not, you believe it or not:
You are responsible.

Responsible for yourself.
Responsible for your neighbour.
Responsible for us.
Responsible for the lust for greed.
Responsible for uncomfortable roads.
Responsible for the rising inflation.
Responsible for failed policies.
Responsible for the shrewd Bureaucracy.
Responsible for the rigged Judiciary.
Responsible for corrupt Ministers and politicians.
Responsible for the inauthentic Parliament.
Responsible for the Government.

You are responsible. I am responsible. We are responsible.
Each and every one of us are responsible!

You wonder, how can you be responsible for the GOVERNMENT?
For failed policies? And for the Judiciary?

You and me are responsible because we allowed it to become that way. Believe it or not, we have caused the political system the way it is today.

This is not a motivational or an inspirational article, but it's just for you to wake up from your slumber!

Next year, India will go to vote for its political masters. We will be responsible for its results.

Let's shape the country the way we want it to.

A couple of actions you can take to participate:

  • Interact with and hold your local authority accountable for its actions and promised results. You will be surprised to see velocity in their performance!
  • Send letters, emails to governing bodies regarding pressing issues and follow it up. I'm sure the authorities will take notice and act when they receive hundreds and thousands of letters.
  • Demand constructive action for your locality from your local political party. They are anyway out to woo voters.
  • Raise your voice against unjust laws. Arvind Kejriwal went to the extent of disobeying them. 

In short, make your presence felt as a citizen of the sovereign, democratic, republic of India!