23 May, 2010

India, Europe and Me!

Hello Everyone, I'm finally back to blogging and it feels great!

Why do we perceive India as we do? Why do we admire its greatness and rubbish its drawbacks? Why is India a country that goes through so many changes, and yet remains the same old India?

India remains the same. Only our perspective changes. Our beliefs and our values modify. That's obviously all because of our circumstances and situations, right? For those who are unaware of, I recently made a trip to Europe and experienced it for about 18 days. That was the time when the India in my mind slightly changed. One of my friends, Sahil puts it wonderfully - 
We realize the importance of things only when they are temporarily not available.

This is the only factor that makes NRI's sometimes respect India more than we do. My voyage had its unique share of twists and turns, which is what made me value India even more. Having visited 11 countries in 18 days, I have many experiences to share with all of you, my dear readers. So, from now onwards, I start a 11-post series, a post for each country, narrating my accounts, uncovering facts and understanding new ideas, along with running parallel to the Indian counterpart.

I hope you all enjoy this 'European Chronicles' series.

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