02 March, 2010

Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho!

In my earliest post India Revisited, I had received the following comment:

The best of India, grain, fruit, cloth, intelligence, spirituality, yoga - is always exported first - it never reaches the common man. If you look at the people interested in mining India's wisdom, most of them are westerners than local. Be it the knowledge in the four Vedas or new applications of Indian classical music, the rest of the world is more interested in it than India. Startling example: people wanting to preserve Taj Mahal.
True, isn't it?

India is a vast country with diverse richness in culture and heritage. But what's the use of this culture which we can't even be proud of? Foreigners are way ahead of us, and they know better about India than we do. All we can do is scribble our names on heritage sites and then ask UNESCO for funds for its preservation. Is that ethics?

Talk about Yoga and spirituality. Nowadays, yoga is being revived here because of the startling interest and popularity of it in the West. The above-quoted comment speaks of simple reality which should bring us to shame. Everything is exported first. Even our supercomputer-brains and talents.

It is a fact that we don't appreciate the paradise in our backyards, but tend to love foreign and artificial stuff.

We need to know India. Discover its mysteries and appreciate its impeccable beauty. Encourage the talent and allow the wisdom to grow. Understand the spiritual nature of things and explore the human nature. As I would put it, India is a complex simplicity.

Here is an advertisement that is relevant and very insightful. Innovated by the Madhya Pradesh - India Tourism to promote tourism, this awesome commercial is a little more than that. Have a look:

This ad not only highlights the structures and monuments of the Dil of Hindustan (Madhya Pradesh), but also underlines the fact of considering and appreciating these marvels.It is a great feeling to know that our, Indian minds can think of such beautiful and creative ideas. We are a great intellectual resource, being constantly looted by the West. Let that not happen anymore...

It is definitely a matter of shame that foreign scholars are better equipped than us in our Indian knowledge and wisdom.

It is time to renew our interest in our country and revisit its splendid culture, wisdom and knowledge. Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho!

What do you think we could do in learning and exploring our India? Do share your views and comments...

P.S. If you want a small laugh, watch the above video without the sound. It's hilarious!