15 December, 2009

5 Examples of Brainless Marketing

I wanted to write this post long, long ago...but things just didn't seem to work out. Anyway, here I go with this  post on foolish and senseless marketing with some valuable lessons to learn... And since Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year has finally released which revolves around sales and marketing, I believe you guys will relate to this post even better...

     1. The following advertisement is the best example of sub-standard promotions in India. In fact, this stuff is too idiotic to be even shown on-air...

What to learn:

We need to be more innovative and sensible in our marketing approach. The above ad may have increased the sales of Kurkure, but, from a logical point of view, this video is complete nonsense! In fact, a comment on this video on YouTube just paraphrases my views -
Absurdity with intelligence is a a sure winner for a commercial. . This is a run of the mill idea.Grow up guys Think BIG !! Get your market fundas.......in to the thrash and be innovative.

     2.  Manali is a famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It is known for its beautiful scenery and cool, pleasant climate. One would find it to be the perfect tourist destination in North India, but for one annoying reason - marketing. The shopkeepers over there are crazy fellows who try to get in customers by all sort of stupid ways. Their modus operandi to find customers is as follows: A person from a particular shop stands outside on the road. He searches for innocent tourists walking by... When he finds a victim, he will actually force that person to listen to what he is selling..and will even drag that tourist to his shop for buying his product... Too weird to believe, right?

What to learn:

This is, supposedly, a force method to get customers... In fact, there are several institutions and organizations strewn across India which practise this method. I personally feel that forcing someone indirectly generates some feeling of disinterest and resentment against that particular product. This is not a recommended way to promote one's products and business. Instead, a polite and gentle way in dealing with customers will go a long way in not only increasing sales, but also developing quality human relations...

     3. Talking about marketing and stuff, an incident comes to my mind. Although it does not have any sort of impact on consumers, it somewhat influences our cultural backgrounds. Many years ago, when I was a kid, I had been to an exhibition in Mumbai. There was one stall, I recollect, which sold some type of hair dryers. A marketing guy stood outside the stall, and tried his best to get in customers. He saw one of his victims in a Sikh lady with a 7-year-old child. Trying some new marketing strategy, he started doing Bhangra, the Punjabi folk dance with a hair-dryer one on hand just to arouse the child. This act not only worked against the salesman with the lady running away, but also created a sort of cultural rift between the two.

What to learn:

Cultural marketing is a tricky thing to do. While marketing, care has to be taken not to harm the customer's sentiments and cultural background.

     4. Don't go by the title of this video! It is not at all funny, in fact, it is the most foolish and stupid way to endorse a TV channel...

The funda (concept) behind this video is itself meaningless. When the kids are born, they are named Mano & Ranjan. But they have no dad to call their own. All in the village keep asking them about their Dad's return. Finally he returns...  Manoranjan's dad i.e. Dad of all entertainment... A Sony Programme!

What to learn:

The target audience is very vulnerable to ads with high emotional intensity and drama. The above advertisement was dramatized to a large extent. Although this ad gets its message across, it actually defeats the purpose of a sensible, practical Indian advertisement. Let modern ads not keep the audience hooked to such nonsense stuff because it not only wastes the viewer's time, but also reduces the moral value of the advertisement in the viewer's eye...

     5. Last but not the least... Facebook! 

         Facebook is slowly turning into an advertiser's paradise... Advertisers and marketing experts are luring users into joining attractive groups. Some of these attractive groups include:

Facebook Users normally do get attracted to such nonsense titles... I don't know why, though!

What to learn:

Do not go in for absurd advertisements. These Facebook groups promise unrealistic things and ensure that you will have those things only if you invite your friends. Therefore, these stupid groups not only get a larger fan base, but also a wide variety of things to advertise about. So, it is better not to get into fraudulent business...

Well, my list ends here... but would you like to add more to this amazing list? What are your views on brainless marketing and its repercussions on our nation's economy?\