06 October, 2009

Perspectives and Viewpoints...

Hello People,

The world is made up of perspectives and opinions. We obviously can't have the same viewpoints regarding a particular topic. Similar was the case with Rupali Sachdev from Kolkata. She read my previous post regarding a letter to Mahatma Gandhi from the young generation. She then e-mailed me a response written by Mr. Kanakshankar about the same theme in a magazine called 'Abhivyakti'. 

This response is again related to the young generation...and the so-called 'Gen-X'. But what sets it apart is the approach and the perspective of the writer...

I urge all my dear readers to read the below given response since it not only deals with the 'Father of our Nation', but also talks about the modern trends of the youth...But before that, I think you must read my previous post to relate to this one...

Dear Gandhiji,
I am sure you will be surprised, if you were to come down from the innumerable pedestals that Indians have erected for you that you are even now talked about. Never mind if it is only in and around your birthday. A recent trend is, those who have not read a single line that you wrote (not only because they have disdain for you and your ideas, but also for the reason that they do not follow the language as they are used to the sms language and are in a hurry) or lived anything that you stood for analyse you and dish it with élan. Bapu this is sophistry nonpareil.

The generation next wants to have their chips, popcorn and their fizzy drinks produced by the multinationals. For this they want the behemoths of the economic world to be given incentives. Very conveniently they forget your economic model of small-scale production units which would have been ideal for a populous state like India creating jobs for everybody. Without even batting an eyelid they quote the Chinese model, not knowing how their system works and how cruel can the mandarins sitting in Beijing be. The Gen X have a poor memory and distaste for history; otherwise they would have recalled that many of us who are not so young are remembering the martyrs of 1984 massacre at Tiananmen Square. The fizz from the drinks has not only reached the gut but also the brain. Maybe that is what the neo-colonialists (whom you would have seriously challenged in your own inimitable style, had you been around) aimed at – the emasculation of the intellect of the generation next of India.

Evidently the younger generation is in a hurry. They are in a hurry to change the face of India. Make malls, multiplexes and cafeterias; never mind if they are at the cost of funds which should have ideally gone to housing initiatives for the millions of homeless. Not to forget the metros – make them in a hurry too; never mind if they are accident prone. Multiplicity which is so much a part of your vision as much as it is part of India’s ethos is to be looked down upon. Only replication is to be encouraged. Cloning is the by-word. For them your idea of celebrating the uniqueness of a particular region, whether it is the moplahs of kerala or the indigo farmers of bihar is an anathema. Oops!!!! I had forgotten that they have distaste for history.

The generation next wants to get rich fast and make it the only yardstick for measuring progress. For them the gross happiness index is not an idea to be followed. Had it been so then India would have responded hugely to the Joy of Giving Week. Keeping in mind the number of youngsters that we have in India now, there would have been a substantial change in a single week alone. Bapu they do not want to follow your mantra of not being led by greed but by being guided by our need. Self aggrandisement is the idea to be followed. One fad is to be followed by the other. It does not matter if in order to be in the in-crowd who are following the fad one amasses huge amount of possessions. We are to feed our egos, not the mouth of the hapless whose cause you so cherished.

According to youngistan we should feed the MNCs not the poor, we should hurry up by all means never mind the quality of work and above all talk about things which we do not have grasp over so that the attention can be diverted. And khadi, which represented India’s economic resurgence for you, should be only bought during the week when they come cheaper than they usually are.

Humbly yours,
The Young in Spirit Generation