05 June, 2009

Do You Really Care?

Today is World Environment Day.

Just ask yourself a question - Do I really care about the environment?

We are a nation of a billion people, and a billion minds. So, we all must put our best efforts for preserving our environment. Always remember this - Survival of man depends on the environment and its preservation.

There are numerous problems to be tackled...there's global warming, deforestation, climate changes, natural calamities and a lot more...

So, let us all promise ourselves that we, as a nation, shall put our best efforts, to plant trees...maintain cleanliness...reduce our carbon footprints...and protect the environment in as many ways as possible.

My dad once said to me, "It is human nature, son. We never ever value those things which are free of cost". Our environment is one of those free things...Once you will pay for it, you will start understanding its value.

The environment is degrading...and we all need to take action. We all should take the initiative and create awareness about our environment.

So, as a start, what ideas can you think of for saving our so-very-precious environment?
[ Image Credit - http://www.wethechange.com/40-ways-you-can-save-the-environment]